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Our Story

Transforming spaces into personalized havens. We are a boutique design studio that prides ourselves on understanding our customers. We aim to build long term relationships with you based on our strong love and passion for design. We want to be set apart in this area as we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and needs, ensuring that we act with professionalism throughout the course of every project that we partake in.

Modern Interior Design
Dark Concrete Wall


Our projects encompass a range of styles, from classic to contemporary, Whether you prefer cozy and inviting home designs or sleek and modern office spaces, we have solutions tailored to your preferences. In our gallery, you'll find a variety of photos showcasing different styles, offering a glimpse into our design versatility.

Dark Concrete Wall


Dark Concrete Wall

It was a sincere pleasure to work with the design factory from conceptualisation until completion of project everything was very smooth from start to finish. The designers are a very articulate and knowledgable when it comes to giving opinions. The team is very professional and they pay a lot of attention to details, and all of their work was done with a flair of excellence. Even though the project came with problems, which arose like it would in any project, it was handled very professionally and quickly. After the project was completed they went through all the details once again and in fact pointed out things that I could not. Their concentration and keen eye on details from the micro to the macro was something that I have not experienced with other ID firms. Final thanks to the team for a job well done. I highly recommend them and also we will definitely be engaging the design factory for more projects to come in the near future.

Mohit Melwani
Director of logistics 9 pte ltd

I would like to share a big appreciation for you guys, for the excellent support during the renovation of our apartment. The team was able to understand all our needs and to translate key design information in very innovative and efficient solutions… we really appreciate their open mind and positive approach in all our requests even in the most challenging requests, they have been able to provide good suggestions and easy solutions to implement changes according to our budget. Thanks again for helping us with the renovation of our new home!

Evelina Camilleri

We had just gotten our keys in April 2021 to our new flat in Bedok south and we met up with Naiara from the design factory. We were blown away by her attention to details and how she listened and proposed all the ideas for our new home, the price was reasonable to us for an ID as we had compared against 5 other companies. She provided us with so many interesting and unique designs for us, once we saw the 3D mockup we knew everything was going smooth as all our discussions were all reflected into the 3D mockups. While the work was going on, Naiara spent a lot of time updating us on the work and kept informing us of the progress. She also made suggested changes along the way from the original plan as she felt it would suit your needs better. After she did that, we knew she made the right choices and never doubted her. We would like to thank her and the design factory for all the work that is done in our house. We really love it! Keep up the good work!!

Yuan Kai

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